Clean Calendar

Clean Calendar Screenshot

You know how sometimes you just want to quickly see a calendar? Like you want to know, “Does the 22nd fall on a Tuesday or a Wednesday?”

So then you launch some calendar app, and it opens after a few seconds, and then you see that the 22nd falls on a Friday and you were way off.

And then you get back to whatever you were doing and that calendar app that you opened just to check on a date real-quick-like… well it just sits there on your screen taking up your screen (and mental) space until eventually you close it or you restart your Mac because you accidentally hit “Install” instead of “Remind me Tomorrow” to that pesky system update notification.

Well anyway, you should just use Clean Calendar. It sits in your menu bar and it just simply shows you a nice little calendar when you click on the icon. When you are done it gets out of the way. It’s really simple and clean and that’s what makes it useful. So download this thing and start using it.